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So, the hubs came home the other day only to find what you see in the photo above.  So he says sarcastically pointing at the door, “What’s up babe? Are we suddenly Irish or Catholic?” To which I replied, “Neither, we’re leprechauns!”  I then had to explain to him why he was a kill joy and how all holidays should be celebrated! There really aren’t that many and why not make it as magical for the kiddos as you can?  Plus, who doesn’t like another reason to celebrate?  He agreed, eventually.

I SOOO wish I were the creative and crafty type, but everything I come up with, I either buy at Target or steal off pintrest! lol  I absolutely LOVE holidays! I love making them fun and special, and while mine aren’t always (or almost NEVER) are pintrest worthy, it’s so fun and is worth all of the joy and magic it brings to my little buddies.  You’d be amazed at how far a little food coloring and tinsel goes!!

So, as I was contemplating this post, I wondered, “why in the heck DO we celebrate St. Patrick’s day?”  I mean, I figured there was a good reason, but I just didn’t know it.  So, if you’re interested in teaching your little chompies (that’s kiddos) and yourself as well, I found a great link here:

Click here to open a new window and see all the fun St. Patrick’s Day facts and Activities.

And frankly, I plan on stealing EVERY idea from one of our My Mommy Style writers, Melissa.  I LOVED every single activity and food she made for her kidlets last year.  If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, do so now!  And share it with your friends because it’s such a creative and simple way to make this holiday magical.

Click Here to see all of Melissa’s AWESOMENESS!

And then I just had to share one more site that gave me great inspiration. It’s from Craftaholics Anonymous and I just loved it.

Click here to see!

I just want to add that, I really mean it when I say a little food coloring goes a LONG way toward making holidays awesome!  I think that sometimes I get caught up in feeling so inadequate and thoroughly LAME when I see all of the incredible mommies of pintrest! It’s overwhelming!!  I don’t know if I have mentioned this already, but I am still severely anemic from my double delivery of my twins (yes, that means I delivered one naturally and the second via c-section!! NO FUN!) and this just in, I have hyperthyroidism.  Boo. But even prior to finding out about these exhausting conditions,  I cannot fathom where these amazing mommies find all of the time to get all of the stunning things that they do done!  I swear they’re on CRACK!  And if so, where can I get some!? Jeez! lol  Keep it simple, and remember, it’s for your littles and not for facebook and pintrest.

(but if you do something fantastic, please share!  I’ll probably steal it, and call you a B*#&#, but only because I’m jealous.)


Happy St. Patty’s Day! Look forward to all of the posts this week from the My Mommy Style ladies on “Something Green.”

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