Seize the Day

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and began scanning and deleting all of the unnecessary emails that had landed in my inbox overnight. It didn’t take long to feel behind, even before I’d gotten out of bed.

I snuggled deep inside my comforter for as long as I possibly could, as the sun rose above the grand mountains to the East. Every last second of darkness begged to be enjoyed, and I knew the second my feet hit the floor, it would be a non-stop flurry of action. I looked over and saw my older girls sneaking into my bathroom, again, to spray one last squirt of my perfume. They didn’t know I was watching, but I was. I was peering at them through the dark – amazed by their beauty and maturity. I’m pretty sure I was just pushing them in the swing at the park and playing games with them, only a few days ago.

Tick tock. Tick tock. That was it. My time for reminiscing  had come to an end, and I threw my warm blankets off. I jumped into the shower and made it last as long as I could –  five minutes. I jumped out and text Ella to see if the little kids had gotten out of bed. They had still been sound asleep, so I asked her to turn on their lights and begin getting dressed.

I quickly picked out my office outfit and began doing my makeup, in between brushing Ella, Jordan, and Halle’s hair. “Go brush your teeth!” “Where is your backpack?” “Did you get your homework?” question after question to try and go through all of our bases. Ella hurried into the kitchen and began making eggs and toast. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head to school. I returned some emails and paid a few bills. Soon I left, and began driving the whole five minutes to work. I love my non-commute. Really, I could walk if I left soon enough, but of course this would never happen.

I came to the first stop light on the way to the building and watched as cars rushed on. Everyone seemed to have an agenda and goals, as different as the radio stations they played. I marveled at the beauty of the mountains to my right, and then glanced left.

Just then, a man on a bicycle came to a screeching halt and flew over the handle bars! He didn’t have a helmet, like his two friends that rode ahead of him, and his head smacked the asphalt road so hard that I shuttered and almost began to cry! I couldn’t help him because I was on the opposite side of an intersection, filled with cars. I was so scared that a car would fly up and hit him, as he laid in the middle of the lane and held his head. His two friends noticed he had been hurt and they flipped around to help.

I’m assuming he ended up being okay, and the light turned green. I’ve thought about this little moment in time, several times over the past few days. It’s hard to believe how fast our life can change. Something as simple as a short bike ride in the morning can shift our reality, forever.

Life is short. I was talking to my daughter, Brighton, about this today. She was nervous about singing in front of some judges at a local college, and she had refused her choir teacher when asked to share her talent. I understood her anxiety, of course – but I really believe that every experience like this, pushes us to be a little better. Whenever I’m considering taking on a new challenge, I gage my level of fear. If it is off the charts, well than it’s probably not a good thing – BUT – if it is something that pushes me, I know it will lead me to new people, places and experiences. You just never know where one thing will take you, and if you’re following your heart and doing something you love – you will always be going in the right direction.

I’ve never believed in being one that watches others experience things. Of course, there is a time and season for everything – and we can’t do it all when we want, but when it’s the right time and it flows to you, seize the day. Take a chance. Push yourself and you won’t believe the places you’ll find yourself. We are more powerful and capable than we usually give ourselves credit for, and life is short. We never  know when our time is up, and a random accident could take us from our earth experience. I don’t mean to be doom and gloom, but just the opposite. Jumping into each day and living it, brings happiness.

Make it a great day, my friends. Enjoy your families, work, play, and whatever else you fill your time with.



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