Potty Training Boys and a Free Potty Training Printable

Pee pee Day is underway and we’re going through a lot of underwear. What is pee pee day? It’s a day where I potty train my son. He is the last of my 4 kids in diapers. This will be my very last time potty training. I won’t have anymore in diapers! And although doing this 3 (now on my 4th) times doesn’t necessarily make me an expert, I definitely have some tips on what has worked for us! So here’s the ones I would share about Potty Training Boys (and girls!)

Remember, every kid is different. So just be ready to alter, change, and tweak things a little bit in order to fit each child.

1. Wait until your child is really ready. A few ways you can tell they are ready are: they are able to communicate, they show interest in the toilet and they are independent in other areas.

Potty Training Boys Reward Chart

2. Come up with a simple reward system. A few ideas are: Sticker chart, m&m, or small toy they are working towards. Or, include all of those together. For us we use the chart (download at the bottom of this post) and do a sticker for going potty, putting clothes back on, flushing toilet, washing hands, and celebrating. He gets 1 m&m after all of that. After 5 successful potty trips he earns one LEGO that comes in a pack of five from the dollar store! You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on these rewards.

“I used to be cool and do cool things. Now I just argue with a smaller version of myself about how to use the toilet”

3. Drink lots of drinks and have salty snacks. This will create more opportunities to have supervised success.

4. Stay close to home. Teaching your child to use the potty is much easier when you are close to one! If we expect them to know when they have to go, we should make sure they are near enough to one that they don’t have to hold it in. It also helps to use either a small toddler toilet or a toddler toilet seat that sits on top of your toilet, that way they can be relaxed sitting down and not worry about falling in.

Potty Training Boys

5. Set up a whoops area with extra underwear and pants. Just assume that there will be accidents, and that’s exactly what they are…accidents. So have an easily accessible change of clothes, some supplies to clean up and keep going.

Accidents happen and all of that, but it’s how we pick ourselves up from the accidents that matters. -Aquaria

6. Set a recurring timer for every 15-30 minutes so you don’t forget to give them lots of reminders. Some people even prefer to have them sit on a potty or near a potty all day! There’s even potty training watches with fun reminders on them that your little one can wear.

7. Praise! and Praise! More praise! You can even get older siblings involved to help cheer them on. Isn’t it so fun to see your older sibling get excited for you?

“Did you hear? Superheros are real. They are called Mom.”

8. Get yourself a treat for you own hard work; you’re potty training a boy! Plan ahead of time to have something to get yourself through it, and reward yourself at the end.

9. Your toddler wants to please you. It is okay to take a step back if needed. Hurt feelings and scare tactics can make things a lot harder. Remember that they are learning and one of the things they have to recognize is the feeling of “I have to go potty”. Until they can recognize that feeling they are probably going to have a few accidents. Don’t get mad at them. Instead use that moment to teach them.

10. No grown adult is ever still in diapers. Your child will eventually get there, too!

Ready to get started with your child? Download our reward sticker chart to get your little one excited.

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    What has helped you with potty training boys? Because every kid is a little different, sharing our tips and successes can help another momma out, so comment below with your ideas.

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    Potty Training Boys
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