Planning a Pamper Night for your daughter and her friends


Planning a Pamper Night for Your Daughter & Her Friends

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

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Every girl needs a chance to be pampered for a night and what could be more fun than pampering your daughter and her friends?  Planning a pampering night is a great way to plan a special night for your daughter without needing a special occasion.  And you can customize the activities to nearly any age group.     

You can send formal invitations or contact the parent of each guest if your prefer.  Make sure each parent knows that the entire night will be supervised.  (You could also consider letting each girl bring her mother, older sister, or an older female friend to join for the evening and let everyone participate.  Many parents are more comfortable when they know they have the option of supervising or participating in the activity as well.)  

Make sure every guest knows to come in their best party pajamas and slippers or flip-flops!

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Some simple planning before the pamper party will make the evening a huge success.  Here are some activities that you could consider:

Nail Painting – Stock up on a variety of colors of nail polish.  You can find pretty high quality nail polish for a little over a dollar a bottle.  (You can also ask each guest to bring a favorite bottle of nail polish to share.)  Make sure you have nail polish remover, cotton balls, q-tips, nail clippers, and nail files on hand as well.  If you want to go all out, you can purchase nail decals or stickers too.  Have a plan in place for a safe place to paint, in case someone spills on accident.  

Facial Masks – While young girls don’t need skin correcting masks, they will still enjoy the process.  Make sure you read the instructions ahead of time on creating, applying, and removing the mask.  If you prefer to use natural products, you may want to consider ordering samples sizes of a few different organic facial masks from a wholesale website.  

Scrubs & Lotion – Use a scrub to remove dead skin from hands and feet.  Again, make sure you follow the directions on the product.  Follow up after the scrub by lathering on some great smelling lotion.  

Hair Braiding –  Gather some bobby pins and hair elastics.  Let the girls form a train or circle on the floor and braid each other’s hair.  Be available in case a girl or two is clueless on the technique for a basic braid.  Give the girls a chance to be creative and practice their skills in a safe, judge-free environment.   

Time to Relax – You can also consider planning some time to relax.  The girls may enjoy watching a movie, playing card games, listening to someone read a story, or lying with their eyes closed while listening to nature sounds combined with music.  Just be extra cautious about the nature of the activity.  Any movie, game, story, or music should be very child appropriate and give the girls a chance to comfortably relax.  

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Healthy Snacks

A night of pampering is a great time to reinforce to young girls that eating healthy foods can still be fun.  Here are some fun ideas to try out:

Fruit Kabobs – Cut up various fruits into smaller pieces.  Have wooden skewers available and let the girls build their own kabobs.

Fruit, Yogurt, & Granola Parfaits – Layer granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit in clear plastic cups for a tasty treat.  You can ask your daughter’s input in deciding which fruit to select and which flavor of yogurt she would like to try.  Also, most kids prefer plain granola over varieties that have nuts, coconut, raisins, and other add-ins.

Popcorn – Instead of the typical butter drenched popcorn or microwave variety, use an air popper instead.  You can toss the popcorn with a little olive oil and seasoned salt for a tasty alternative.  Dry ranch dressing mix is another simple option.  You can also try tossing mini marshmallows and dry hot chocolate mix with the popcorn for a sweeter version that’s still pretty healthy.   

Smoothies – Fill your blender with ice, frozen berries, a banana, yogurt, and fruit juice or milk.  Serve the smoothies with straws (as dark berries can lead to a smoothie mustache).  You can also blend half a container of a frozen juice variety with ice and milk.  You can add sugar, honey, or flavored yogurt if the mixture is too tart.

Muffins – Try using applesauce instead of oil when baking muffins.  They will stay moist and taste great!  

Whatever activities and snacks you choose, your pamper night is sure to be an evening your daughter and her friends will remember with fondness.  And don’t forget you can always use this night as a test run to try out some ideas for an adult pamper night for yourself and your female friends too!

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