Ode To Women

As Camille and I get to know the vendors on Sweet Solstice, it is so fun to hear each of their individual circumstances and reasons for starting a business. And, being the reflective type of person that I am, I can’t help but think how amazing women are.  Now, there may be a man here and there that sells on our site, but so far they are predominantly women.  Women who have children of their own.  Women who are trying to bring in a second, or first, income to support their family.  Women who grocery shop, change diapers, run carpools, juggle schedules, and much more.  And somehow, they are finding/making time to build a dream.  They are doing whatever they can to make a difference with their individual talents.  I love getting to know these ladies, and I am honored to sell their things on Sweet Solstice.  We, yes – you and I, and all of us on The Solstice Sisters, get to take a part in fueling their dreams and goals.  We get to build each other up, whether we are buying and enjoying their items, or selling – we are serving each other.  I love the concept of women supporting women, and that is exactly what we get to do here on The Solstice Sisters.

Today on Sweet Solstice, we are selling a product by “Goldfish Inspirations”.  Camille and I talked to her today on the phone and heard some of the heart behind her product.  She has made necklaces for women that have had miscarriages, and decided they wanted to make a special necklace to remember their babies they had to let go.  They are giving 5% back to St. Jude Hospital.   I also thought it would be an awesome gift to give a birth mother that gave their baby through adoption, like my son.  I actually gave each of my children “their song” when they were young, and they have grown up knowing that it was a special bond between them and myself.  I can’t wait to make a necklace for each of them!

My kids are growing up so fast.  I swear they were just babies, and toddlers…but now my oldest step daughter is married, and my oldest daughter started DRIVING this week (It couldn’t have come at a better time!)  Hold on to your  babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers.  Let them know you love them, because in the end – that’s all that matters.

Love Janae

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