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If I’m being really honest, I just don’t appreciate a lot of fashion trends.  Is that terrible to admit?  In fact, despite being a child of the 90’s, neon is one of those that I literally just have a knee-jerk reaction to.  I hate it.  So my mission today was to find an outfit that I could truly love…and it took some work and a lot of horrified and/or blank stares at the monitor.  But I think taking a minute (or a LOT of minutes/hours, whatever) to soak in this style, I may be coming around…a little (and a little late too I guess).  So, I’m welcoming myself to the neon party finally.

This little outfit is adorable!  I really truly love it!

1 – The yellow braided head band is from Persnickety (can they do anything wrong??)

However, if you are feeling rather crafty, I LOVED this braided headband tutorial from And I think I would really love the multiple layers.

2 – The orange summer dress is from Old Navy and sells for just $14.99!

3 – The Adorable turquoise Mary Jane mocassins are to die for!! We all know how IN mocassins are right now, but at a typical price of about $60-70 a pop, I think I’ll pass!! However, these little beauties are only $30!!  And again, if you’re feeling crafty, you can get the pattern for just $8 all from  Pod Shoes, on etsy.

So there ya go! I did it, and frankly, I’m inspired to find something for me now!  Hmm…where to start? I’d love suggestions! What do you love (and or hate) in fashion trends now?


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