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When my husband graduated from dental school in 2009 we found a wonderful job opportunity in Brigham City, Utah. It made it even better that Brigham City is my husband’s home town and he still has a lot of family that lives here or near by. The plan was to work for two years and then purchase the practice. We were set! After working for 6 months we decided to buy a house (Our very first house!!) We figured since we would be living in Brigham City for the rest of our lives we might as well put down roots. We found our winner on a quiet street with spectacular views of the mountains. It was an older home, but it was updated and we were excited that it had more than twice the square footage of any space we had lived in before. Okay, so my husband was mostly excited for his man cave, but that was part of the reason we loved it; it had a little of something for each of us.

Well, fast forward 11 months later. Without much explanation the dentist Benji had been working for informed him that he wasn’t going to sell him the practice. We were devastated.  To make a long story short we were so blessed to find a practice for sell an hour south of us in Bountiful, Utah. We were even more blessed when we purchased it and started to make it our own. We put our house up for sale and prepared ourselves to move to a different city.

Well, our house didn’t sell for quite awhile. In fact, we lived in our house with a for sale sign out front longer than we lived in it without. It took nearly two years. I’m quite convinced we were where we were supposed to be, but the commute was getting old for me. My husband got used to it after a few months, but I couldn’t get used to not seeing him as much each day.

Well, I’m so pleased to say we finally sold our home and we are preparing to move in 9 short days! I’m so excited to move, especially since we’ve been planning this for so long, but part of me is so sad to let this house go. We’ve made so many memories here. We’ve celebrated so many holidays here, my daughter was born here (well, not in our home, but in Brigham City), my son learned to walk here, I sent my first school-aged child to school here, and we had hours and hours of dance parties in our front room. 🙂

For photography week I decided I would share a few photos of things I will miss about my house and some of the cool things about my house.

Our house was built in 1960, it has been updated everywhere, but there are still a few retro touches to the house that  I think are cool. In the 60s this house must have been pretty high tech because we have found cords, wires, hookups, speakers and such all over the house. We have a Nutone speaker system that runs through out the house. It doesn’t work anymore, but I think it looks cool.

We have always loved the bathroom fixtures.

I love finding evidence of previous owners, I found this signature etched into our garage door. It is so inconspicuous that it took us one year of living here before we saw it. We’re going to leave our signatures up in the attic. 🙂

I’m also going to miss our incredible mountains. There are beautiful mountains in Bountiful as well, but these mountains feel like ours.

This is a weird one, but I’m going to miss my tulips in my front yard. I’ll plant more where ever we live, but these were my first bulbs I’ve ever planted.

Tulips are my favorite flowers because they give me hope that Spring is right around the corner. I love pictures of Tulips with snow on them.

I’m also going to miss the cute town I live in.

I’m going to miss this gorgeous temple.

Even though I am going to miss all of these things there is one thing I have to remember; it doesn’t matter where I live as long as I have my favorite people there with me. I am so excited to make new memories with them in Bountiful!

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What are your favorite memories you’ve made in your home?

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  • I know just how you feel! We have been gearing up to move for the past two years, and its finally going to happen soon and suddenly I feel nostalgic about this house! Its been our life for 5 years and we have been so happy here- but like Cassia’s printable says, its the people IN it that make it a home!ReplyCancel

  • Linda M

    I don’t see this printable on the printables page. I did sign up for blog updates. I tried printing one of the other printables and couldn’t get it to work through Internet Explorer or Chrome…not sure what I’m doing wrong. 🙁ReplyCancel

    • Hi Linda, thanks for letting us know and please forgive us as we are figuring all of this out. UGH!! We will send it to your email directly and hopefully very shortly, we’ll have this up and running asap! Thanks hun!


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