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Moving your baby to their own room can be stressful. You worry about their safety, their feeding schedule, and perhaps even the thought of not being able to hear them breathe right next to you has you stressed.

I remember the very first night I transitioned my oldest into his own room I was so worried about not being able to hear his every move and whimper that I had my monitor on full volume just in case. Let’s just say I didn’t get very much sleep that first night! I’ve learned quite a bit since then as I am now preparing to transition my fourth baby and I am happy to be sharing these tips with you.

Follow safe sleeping guidelines so you feel comfortable about their sleeping arrangement.You will want a few items that will make this possible. The ABCs of Safe Sleep: baby sleeps safest Alone on their Back in a Crib.


Make sure you are using a crib that meets all of the safety guidelines and no longer has a moveable side. When I bought our crib 8 years ago, having a crib with a drop-side crib was all the rage. It made getting your baby in and out of bed easier. They have since ruled these cribs out as a safe option as it has led to babies getting their little heads or body parts stuck in open spaces which has led to death. Find a safe, sturdy crib that you know is well made. You can also buy a kit to make a drop side crib safe with this kit you can buy from Amazon.

I love this one from Babyletto and am trying to get my husband to agree to buy a new crib even though we already have one! 🙂

babyletto hudson crib

We actually ended up buying a stabilizing kit that made it so that our crib is no longer adjustable and it works just fine. But, hey, a girl can still want a new crib for her last baby. Am I right?

Wearable blanket

This is my absolute must for putting my babies to sleep on their own. I do love the Aden and Anais wraps as they are so versatile…but when it comes to KNOWING they are not going to kick out of their blanket at night I am a huge fan of the Ergopouch sleep sack. I have used other sleep sacks in the past and this one is my absolute favorite because you can choose for baby to sleep with their arms in or arms out. It also has a zipper on each end so you can unzip from the bottom for a diaper change or from the top to get the baby in and out. LOVE IT.

“There is no origami and no wrapping involved when using an ergoCocoon or AirCocoon, they keep even the most determined Houdini babies snug!  For this reason the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) has recognized these products as “Hip-Healthy”.  ErgoPouch products are ergonomically designed with a bell-shaped bottom for extra legroom and made from stretchy organic cotton or bamboo to allow babies to move their legs comfortably and adopt the ‘frog-leg’ position.  They are perfect for babies diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a brace can be worn comfortably inside the swaddle. ErgoPouch also offers different sizes to ensure the right fit for baby.”

Fitted sheet and no extra bedding

This is of course why I love the wearable blanket so much because you know that they will stay warm. It is so tempting to want to add extra fluffy blankets or pillows to keep your baby warm and cozy, but this is a no-no. NOTHING should be in the crib but your sweet little baby. I do have a this breathable/mesh bumper that I love and don’t worry about being a problem.

copper pearl

I love fitted sheets from Copper Pearl, they are made of soft, durable cottons and come in the cutest patterns.

A binkie

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, it has been proven that babies that suck on binkies at night are less likely to die of SIDS. It keeps their little noses breathing in a rhythmic way and therefore makes it a healthier scenario for sleep. Although I HATE it when the binkie falls out and lovingly embrace the day they don’t need it any more. Two of my babies were done with their binkies after the first couple of months and that had its benefits, too.

These are my favorite and I hate to be without. Be prepared! You can buy this set for $13.99, which makes it just over $2 per binkie.


A monitor

I love having a video monitor that I can see what is going on with my baby. Noise is important too, but I love being able to see into my little sweetie’s crib. It’s also kind of fun to spy on them as they get older and see what they will do. From experience I would tell you to turn the volume low especially if they are in the room right next to you. If you can hear them when they cry from your bedroom (you share a wall) you may want to turn the volume off completely as hearing every little noise will most likely interrupt your sleep and no one has time for that! 🙂

An Owlet

This is such an incredible new product available to our day. The Owlet is designed to alert you if your baby’s oxygen levels are low and connect wirelessly to your phone. One of my deepest concerns with back sleeping (which is the safest way for baby to sleep) is for my baby to aspirate on his own spit up. We have dealt with some re-flux and my stomach drops when I hear him gulping for air and coughing.

The Owlet is an extra set of eyes to help take away the fear of the worst, as it is designed to alert you if oxygen levels fall outside of range. This takes peace of mind to a whole new level as you know your baby’s well being is being monitored. Simply put on the Owlet sock onto your baby’s left foot, set up the registration on your phone, and follow the safety guidelines for best usage.

I have been so impressed with this technology and if it is in your budget to buy one you should! I am so happy to be able to offer you a $20 off by using my direct affiliate link HERE. There is a new payment program available as well if you would like to purchase this monitor in installments!

Aaaaand we are also partnering with Owlet to offer a huge giveaway with 4 winners!

owlet baby care giveaway



We will be giving away:
(1) Owlet Baby Monitor ($249.99)
(1) Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer ($49.99)
(1) Evenflo SensorSafe Car seat ($149.00)
(1) Burley Solstice Jogger  ($399.99)
About $850 for the prizes!
We will have 4 winners total, so more chances to win!
baby safety month
I am taking part in the Baby Safety Month in partnership with Owlet. This post is sponsored with them, opinions are my own.
We are celebrating baby safety all month long, check out yesterday’s post from the Housewives of Riverton: What you need to know: Bringing home a newborn during cold and flu season. Tomorrow will be with Taralyn of Keep Moving Forward With Me: Baby safety products to include on your registry and why you need them.
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    This is so helpful as I am about to transition my 3 mo son into his room! An Owlet would be great for peace of mind.ReplyCancel

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    I want to win the owlet for my little boy that will be born in less than a couple of weeks. He is my first born and the owlet system would help me feel more at ease when he sleeps. It is a genius invention!ReplyCancel

  • I vividly remember the night I transitioned my oldest from the bassinet to her crib. I was actually in tears from fear. I know…. I’m nuts. This post was so good. Thanks for sharing your suggestions!ReplyCancel


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