M.E. – Maria Aupperie

Meet Maria! She describes Kid Labs perfectly.  This is why I’m sharing her experience, in her words – not mine.


I was invited to M.E. by one of my friends.

When I first got invited I was very hesitant but decided to go. When I arrived at the Kid Labs, it didn’t look like much from the outside. I went inside and was greated by a smiling face that asked me to sign in. I knew I came in to get my hair and make-up done along with pictures. But what I walked away with was more than I expected.

I sat down waiting for it to be my turn. As I sat there waiting, I watched the stylist as they laughed and talked with the clients they were working on. It was my turn, so I went and sat down and let them work their magic on me. It was truly an amazing feeling to be getting pampered. Its not very often I get to take time out for myself…. and enjoy being a Woman!! I think as a single mom, I have fallen into that mom slump, where I don’t take time for myself and I lost that feeling of being attractive.  Come on seriously what’s more attractive than a women who looks like she just rolled out of bed, with three kids running around and to top it off she smells bad from cleaning house all day. I know when I lose that feeling of being attractive, I start getting depressed.  I can’t afford, nor do I have the time to go get my hair done, cause most of my time, money and energy is spent on the kids. So to take time for myself was a great feeling. I loved getting my hair and make-up done without me doing all the work. After hair and make-up, it was time for my photo shoot. The photo shoot was fun. It was a reminder that I’m beautiful.  It was a chance to feel important. After all that pampering I felt like a million bucks.  I wanted to go to the mall and show myself off. It was a boost to myself confidence and ego. It reminded me that even as a single mom of three I was still HOT!!

That is just what the pampering did to me. The stylist were so much fun to hang out with. The enviorment  was full of positive energy.  John Hansen did an amazing thing.

After I was done, I sat and watched as women walked in kind of hesitant like I was. But once inside you could see them start to relax and the stress melt away. Then you could see their spirits start to lift. Smiles would come across their faces. But it wasn’t just being pampered that brought a light to these women.  It was the realization that they were not alone. That there are others that have some of the same struggles. I think that them being able to see that was important.  I know it was very important to me,  cause sometimes as a single parent I feel alone. I was listening to people share their stories with one another and giving advise on how they handled that battle. I know that in today’s society we have technology where we can read a form or blog for advice. But one thing technology has taken away is the emotion. The smiles and laughter , the tears and fears. You can’t see those through words on a page. You can’t see how that person is truly being impacted. That’s why I think days like this are important to take time to feel good about ourselves to encourage one another and to be able to walk away with a new perspective on the way we look at things.

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