Kirby and The Forgotten Land : Nintendo’s BEST New Game

I know, I know, that is quite a BOLD statement claiming it as Nintendo’s best new game…but I really think Kirby and The Forgotten Land is the best. I am always on the lookout for games that are family friendly, intellectually stimulating, and challenging in a fun way. Major bonus points if more than one person can play at a time as I have four kids in the home.

I will break down what I love MOST about this game and why you need to add it to your gaming library.

“Kirby is so WHOLESOME”

This is a direct quote from my 14 year old who was especially impressed with the “wholesome” quality of the show. Everything is very round, bright, and well, wholesome. (That is a trending word among teens these days and I love it.) 🥰

Kirby and The Forgotten Land is about SAVING and helping others

Yes, there is a battle component which my kids love, but the main theme of the show is that you are going about the game in an attempt to save the other Waddle Dees as they have been kidnapped from the Beast Pack. With each level that you complete you are able to release Kirby’s cute little friends that are returned to their home land.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Kirby and the Forgotten Land

You can improve your Abilities and Weapons for Hours of Fun

As you progress from level to level you are able to try out new abilities. Some of them are so unexpected and FUN! I was laughing in delight as I turned into a vending machine, a car, and a staircase. And yes, I did say when I was playing. We brought Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the airplane with us on our way to Mexico for Spring Break and I played it with my sons for hours. My kids thought this was one of the best times of the trip because I sat and played video games with them!

You don’t Have to Be an AMAZING Gamer to Be Good At this Game

One of my main reasons for not wanting to play with my kids is that oftentimes I am no good at it! I literally get dizzy sometimes playing games that allow you to look in every direction. Anyone else? This game is very simple to understand and easy to play at any gaming level or age.

You Can Progress Without Having to Start all OVER

Yes, I know you know the pain of having to start over and losing progress that you’ve made in a game losing time and your sanity. Kirby and The Forgotten Land allows you to “die” over and over with regeneration and the capability to save your spot.

Did I convince you? I mean, yes, I am also a MAJOR fan of MARIO KART & ANIMAL CROSSING. You can Nintendo Switch

BONUS! Nintendo came out with a new release of Wii SPORTS. I love games that include the family and allow you to get active! With all of the stress in the world we all need to be moving our bodies more. This is a reward play time for everyone involved. You can find out more about the official release here.

Thank you Nintendo for gifting us this game, we absolutely love it.

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