How I would improve Candy Crush

how I would improve candy crush

So now that I’ve taken you through my Candy Crush saga. Here is how I would improve Candy Crush.

I always thought something awesome would happen if I were able to make a move combining the maximum number of candies. Not just five in a row to make a color bomb, but what if that same row of five had an additional two extending out from one of the sides? Surely something awesome would happen right?


Nope. I did it. A few times. It’s just a regular old color bomb. If I were in charge you’d at least be rewarded with a cute cartoon or something like that.


Also, I always wondered what would happen if I could somehow line up three color bombs in a row! Surely it would have to create some sort of all-powerful super bomb, right?

Nope, they just sit there. Of course if you swipe two against each other it makes every candy on the board disappear, but shouldn’t there be something even better for lining up three? Like maybe the game pays YOU a dollar? I vote yes.


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