Gift of Clean and Mother’s Day Recap

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Recently I was given an amazing bundle of cleaning goods from Scotch-Brite. It included products to clean your kitchen, bathroom, and basically any dirty surface. Because I am a Mom of three very busy, dirty children ( I mean this in the most loving way possible),  I wanted nothing more than to have some help cleaning around the house!

On Mother’s Day morning Paul brought me breakfast in bed and I was able to enjoy it in peace and quiet (well mostly) because I could hear my three year old throwing a typical tantrum, but because I knew it was Mother’s Day I could hide upstairs a little longer. 🙂 Because my children are all so small it is sometimes hard to engage them in cleaning the house. I have shared some ideas on how you might make cleaning more fun and wanted to put it to the test with our new Scotch-Brite cleaning materials.

So that was it, I decided I wanted to ask for the gift of clean for Mother’s Day and have my husband clean with the kids. We made a fun little video of what this can look like and wanted to share it with you. True story: after making this short video Jackson proclaimed that he now believes “cleaning the dishes is SO much fun!” If that is not a success story I don’t know what is! They are such goof balls, hopefully we can keep this “Gift of Clean” a tradition for Mother’s Day every year…I would have no complaint with that!

Some of my favorite surprises are when I come home to a clean house!

How was your Mother’s Day? I hope you enjoy our video!

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Disclaimer: I have a working relationship with 3M Scotch-Brite to promote its Gift of Clean campaign.


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