Felt Jack-o’-lanterns

My friend and I have children around the same age which is great because when we get together the kids have someone fun to play with. We’re hoping they will all just become best friends so we don’t have to force them later on in their lives. The other great thing about having kids the same age is I can steal the fun activities she plans for her kids and use them on my own. Thanks to her my kids think I’m pretty fun. This fabulous idea came from her.

For an easy and fun Halloween activity cut one pumpkin shape out of orange felt and then a bunch of random jack o’lantern eyes, noses, and mouths out of black felt. That’s it. Now you are ready to mix and match the pieces to make different jack o’lanterns. My three year old played with this for about an hour straight today and the best thing is I put all the pieces in a little baggie for him to play with it tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

I would have added a green stem, but my son was too excited to wait for that.



This was also a perfect time to get pictures of my son’s epic bed head. He is in desperate need of a haircut, but he loves when he wakes up and has “shark hair.”



I don’t know why he thought it was so funny that he made a sad pumpkin.

He loved that the face would magically stick to the pumpkin!

The possibilities are endless! Have fun and Happy Halloween!!

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