Dyeing carnations with colored water

Today I’m going to show you a simple and fun science experiment to do with your kids, or even by yourself, kids aren’t required. You are going to be dyeing white carnations a different color. It’s super easy to do and my kids thought it was cool.

You will need:

-white carnations

-food coloring

-a vase, drinking glass, or mason jar

-scissors or a knife



What to do:

1. Fill each glass 3/4 full water. We left one glass unaltered, so my boys could really see the difference between dyed water and plain water.

2. Add your food coloring. This is a step your child can help with, let them choose the color and then let them put it in the water. Use 10-15 drops of food coloring, the more color the better!

3. Have an adult cut the stems an inch or two up, at an angle. A nice fresh cut helps with maximum water absorption.

4. Place your carnations in the water.

5. Then the fun begins. The carnations will soak up the water and take on the new colors. This can take a few hours, but might take longer.

We turned our carnations blue and green. Before you begin ask your child what they think will happen. My son guessed the carnations would “drink” the food coloring and turn blue. He was right!

This is a great experiment to teach your kids how a plant works.


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