Clean it Up!

We are so excited to be one of the presenters at The Pinner’s Conference tomorrow and Saturday!

We have decided to teach a class on how to make cleaning fun!  (Which is a challenge for me, personally.)  If you want to come chat with us in the flesh, well then, we will be there.  If you don’t want to chat, but do want some fun ideas to made cleaning fun, well then, we are still your gals!

The printables I have shared below will be covered in our class, among other things – but this is one of the ideas we will be going over.  We want to give Kelli France a HUGE thank you, for letting us use her design and ideas – AND for being our awesome FASHION FRIDAY CONTRIBUTOR!

Just as a side note, she has taken pictures of my daughter, and they are beyond beautiful SEE!

If you need pictures taken, she’s your chick!


Here are a few examples of cards that she made up to go with her chore chart game – CUTE! Kelli prints off all of these cute little cards and puts them in the bag.  Then, she lets her kids draw from the bag.  Sometimes they get a “free card” which means they don’t have to do a job that day.  Sometimes, it’s kids choice or mom’s choice.

After each child finishes their task, they can put a sticker on the chart below and eventually work up to getting a reward.  It’s a good idea to decide what the reward was before they start, so that the kids are motivated to finish their jobs.  Or, if you’d rather – you could just use the card system.

It makes cleaning fun for the kids, which makes mom happy!

HERE IS THE LINK for the whole set of cleaning cards and game!

Enjoy, and hopefully we will see you at Pinners! Our class is Saturday at 11:00.  You can walk in and listen, even if you didn’t pre-register.  We will be giving out a free microfiber rag and some samples of Steriplex – the ONLY chemical that kills all of the really bad germs, without using bleach that is harmful to children and surfaces.  It is only available recently in our commercial cleaning business, and I am making it available to the moms at home, just in time for flu season!  Yea!  They tested it in Primary Children’s Hospital, and it killed staff c-diff, and mersa – all very harmful to our health.

Have a great weekend!

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