Perfect Smoked Chicken Breast Recipe

Smoked chicken breast can be tricky! It’s very easy to dry out your chicken breast in your smoker. With our recipe (and video) we will show you exactly how to smoke a perfect juicy, flavorful chicken breast. I promise this will become a regular in your household as it has in ours. The smoky flavor...

Cacique Bras: My new favorite travel layer

This post is sponsored by Cacique Intimates and includes tracking links. For more information about tracking links and how to opt out, please visit All About Do Not Track ( and Cacique Intimates’ Privacy Policy ( prior to clicking any links found in this post. When you are dressed for comfort while traveling, you are...


Getting your kids off screens is not easy!  You may already know how addicting video games and screen time can be!  I’ve created The Screen Freeze Handbook which give you step-by-step instructions of how to prepare for a screen freeze, what activities to do during your screen freeze, and how to create more intentional moments...

Help Your Child understand Emotions and Develop Life Skills with Mightier

Mightier is a gaming program developed at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical designed for children dealing with generalized emotional regulation issues and to help them learn coping skills. It isn’t only a game, it is smart technology that can actually help you connect to your child’s emotions in a hands on, interactive way. You...


Summer is swiftly approaching, which for many that means summer family travels! YAY! While going on a family vacation can be a blast, sometimes planning can be a challenge, especially when you are taking the whole family like we love to do. We are so thrilled to be able to share with you our top...

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney

Can you believe that at the end of this month, Disneyland will open a whole new land? YES, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the biggest single land expansion in Disneyland history. To say people are excited is an understatement. What’s even more exciting is that I WILL BE THERE for the media opening the day...

15 Trader Joes Recipes you HAVE to try

You’re gonna want to run to Trader Joes immediately to grab all of the ingredients to make these delicious, easy, and quick meals. I love Trader Joes. Every time I walk into that store I feel like there’s a new food that I need to try out. There’s so many good things, and everyone definitely...

Celebrating Motherhood: Motherhood Power Week!

Celebrating Motherhood is one of our favorite themes around here!! Motherhood comes with the most incredible gifts of love and joy. What is in this for you? Lots of fun and interaction all week long on Instagram where we can learn from each other and celebrate with a HUGE giveaway, too!! YEAH! I am so...

7 Behavior Management Tips for Your Little Ones At School

There’s nothing worse for a parent than getting a call from your child’s school saying that your precious little angel has been disruptive in class. While I’ve been lucky enough to avoid those calls so far with my oldest daughter in Pre-K, she’s as energetic and strong-willed as I am, so I’m expecting more than...


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Hello! I am Camille, a wife, mother of four, Disney obsessed, certified teacher, and reality optimist. Motherhood comes with its ups and downs, and I hope while you're here you'll find something that makes your #momlife easier!


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