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Let me first start out by saying that I normally don’t spend a lot of time on my kid’s lunches. I don’t usually take the time to shape their sandwiches into special characters, but I think they are fun for special occasions like birthdays or the first day of school. I decided to make a lunchbox for each of my kids inspired by their favorite thing at the moment. So here are my lunch ideas inspired by Plants vs. Zombies, Legos, and Frozen (of course!).

Plants vs. Zombies inspired lunchbox

plants vs zombies inspired lunchbox

Plants vs. Zombies was probably more popular a few years ago, but because I stuck with the plants theme rather than the zombies it can just be a cute sunflower.  If you aren’t familiar with the game you plant sunflowers to give you sun, I think they’re the cutest character and they just so happened to be the easiest to turn into a sandwich. The best part of Plants vs. zombies is half the characters are vegetables and fruits, so that makes it really easy to plan a healthy lunch inspired by the game. I added sugar snap peas to represent the pea shooters, watermelon to represent the melon-pults, and cherries to represent the cherry bombs.

Click HERE to find out how to make the sunflower sandwich.

Lego inspired lunchbox

Lego Inspired lunchbox

The beauty of the Lego is they are an easy shape and you can turn so many foods into a Lego-look-alike.

For this lunch I made a PB&J sandwich, cut the crusts off, then cut it half, and then cut one of those halves in half. I used a large frosting tip for the circles and glued them on with a little peanut butter. I also added some watermelon Legos and cheese Legos (I used a little cream cheese to get the circles to stick).

Frozen inspired lunchbox

Frozen inspired lunchbox

I made an Olaf sandwich and served it with a bunch of white food (cauliflower, almonds, cut up string cheese, and coconut) to look like snow. I realize Olaf looks a little different with wheat bread, but I honestly could not get myself to buy white bread…even for poor Olaf. I like to imagine he is delighted to look so gorgeously tan (wink, wink). You can use white bread to make the sandwich, that would probably help him look more like Olaf. These adorable Disney printables would be the perfect addition to this lunchbox.

Olaf’s face was made with a fruit leather for his mouth and eyebrows, string cheese for his eyes and teeth, and a baby carrot for the nose. Use a little cream cheese to “glue” the face on the sandwich.

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Today I’m sharing these ideas as part of a back-to-school blog series over at The Benson Street called 45 Days of Back to School Ideas! There are so many ideas for back-to-school fun that you have to check out. Take a look below!

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