9 Tips to Simplify your Laundry and Ironing Routine

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The laundry battle is real! Running a household of six comes with its challenges and lots and lots of laundry. Here are some tips I have found that will simplify your laundry and ironing routine.

  • Put a load in the laundry first thing in the morning

I have found that if I can get a load started first thing in the morning I have a much better chance of getting through the laundry without creating a mountain at the end of the week. It is also a way that I can keep tabs on what needs to be washed with events coming up in the week. I love to imagine I am putting the house to work for me at the beginning of each new day.

  • Keep laundry baskets out of the kid’s rooms

I used to like to have a laundry bin in each kid’s room but I have learned that whether a laundry bin is in a kid’s room or not the clothes often end up on the floor. Our laundry room is on the same level as our bedrooms, so I have the kids take their dirty clothes right to the laundry room and put it in the shared sorter there.

The kids know that things are divided by darks, colors, and whites. I love this divider with a rack above it if you do not have a rod for hanging clothes as they come out of the dryer. I love this over the door hanging bar for hang dry only clothes!

  • Use starch when ironing

Using starch while ironing your clothes will help the wrinkles come out more easily and give you a clean finish! It also helps lengthen the life of your clothes. I will shake the clothes out right from the dryer as best I can, but for dress shirts and clothing I want to look extra nice, I always use starch! My favorite thing about using Niagara Spray Starch  is that it makes ironing easier and faster and your clothes will stay wrinkle-free for longer! Nobody likes wrinkles, so to get them to stay away longer is a huge benefit!

  • Have separate bins for kids to put away their own clothes

I fell in love with these galvanized bins for my kids because they are all the same and they give a nice, clean finish to the laundry room. By giving each child a bin when the clothes are sorted they can take ownership of their clothes and put them away themselves.

  • Make “deliveries” at night

Typically I like to have the laundry sorted and folded by the end of the day and as I take the laundry out and have it hung up and ready to go I announce, “Delivery for ______” and let each kid come and get their clothes that need to be hung up and put away. It is a much more fun way to get the laundry in its respective closets than yelling, “Come get your laundry!” Words can do so much, and trust me, I will be teaching my kids to do their own laundry as they get older. My nine year old often changes laundry over for me and gets loads started for part of his chores around the house.

  • Reduce clothes in your house that are worn out or too small.

The clothes seem to multiply I swear! I try every 3-6 months to take inventory of what we have going on in the house and cut things down. I check to see if something is too small, too worn out, or no longer loved and I get rid of it through donation and passing it along to a happier place. If you are putting clothes away for a younger sibling really look at the piece of clothing and consider if you will want to keep it around. I have tried to be better at this because I tend to hold onto things that I really don’t love.

  • Don’t beat yourself up if you need to cycle a wash again

Life is crazy and it is not a big deal if you have forgotten about a load of laundry. Don’t beat yourself up! Just start the laundry again tomorrow morning and start fresh, there are probably stains that need the extra love anyway.

  • Make your laundry room your happy place

I have things in the laundry room that I love and enjoy so that when I am in the laundry room I physically enjoy that space as much as possible. I fell in love with this picture, and found cute jars to store laundry pods, stain solution, and clothes pins. Listen to music you love or watch a favorite show. Modern technology makes it so much more fun, and so does really good starch! 🙂 Iron with starch Ironing gives your clothes a crisp, smooth finish that a dryer just can’t replicate. Ironing with Niagara® Spray Starch Plus Original gives you a professional look without spending the extra money. My favorite thing about using Niagara spray starch is that it makes ironing easier and faster and your clothes will stay wrinkle-free for longer! Nobody likes wrinkles, so to get them to stay away longer is a huge benefit! I used Niagara spray starch on one of my button up shirts that is a wrinkle-beast. I don’t know if that’s a real saying, but I’m sticking with it. You know those shirts that are wrinkly even when you pull them out of the dryer right away? Well, I was so pleased with Niagara spray starch and how EASY it made ironing that shirt and making it smooth and beautiful. I also loved the way it smelled! You can find Niagara spray starch in the laundry aisle of major retailers.

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  Here’s one additional tip for ironing. Save a favorite show to watch while you iron or play your favorite music and it will make it seem like it goes by faster. I turn a Netflix show on my phone and iron in front of my window for a lovely view and a few rays of sunshine while I get the job done. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable! I hope you enjoyed these laundry tips and you found some inspiration to tackle that mountain of laundry. Like Niagara’s Facebook page for even more laundry tips and tricks and for everyday fashion. Find more laundry tips here: laundry tips to keep up with the laundry, the best ideas to get the laundry done

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