8 things you should always try before you buy

There are some things that you can buy without testing like food, but others you should always try before you buy.  Some stores have complicated return policies, or don’t allow returns at all.  Instead of getting into a bind, you should try things before you buy them.  Below are 8 things you should always try before you buy.

8 things you should always try before you buy

Things you should try before you buy


Before you buy a car, you should always take it out for a test drive, whether or not you’re purchasing through a dealership.  If you’re still not sure if you want to purchase the car, see if you can rent the same car through a car rental company like Hertz, Budget, or Enterprise and give it a spin.  

Home Renovations

Jumping into a home renovation project might not be the best idea.  Before you drastically change your home, test out some of the materials for a few weeks to make sure that you really like them.  Order samples and swatches of the countertops, flooring, paint colors and window treatments, and then set them out where you will see them every day to make sure that you really want to make those changes.  Also make sure that you check out all options for what you are trying to accomplish, rather than just going for the first thing you see.  For example, if you were renovating your home office to make it look a bit fancier, it is a wise idea to look at roller shades, plantation shutters, and roman shades (like this blog suggests), rather than just going with faux wood blinds (like most people do).  


Dishonest landlords often show potential renters a beautiful model apartment and promise that their unit will look just like it.  However, once all of the paperwork is signed, they take a renter to their unit, something that looks nothing like the model.  Unfortunately, the new renter has already signed the paperwork and they’re stuck with a less-than-perfect apartment.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Make sure that you see the actual unit before signing any contracts.  If you are purchasing a home, “test drive” the neighborhood so to speak, by talking to the neighbors, visiting the local schools, checking out the local shopping and nightlife, etc.  For more tips on how to find the perfect apartment, check out this blog.


Finding the right makeup products can be complicated.  Instead of blindly purchasing foundation, lotions, and other beauty products, visit a store such as Sephora or Ulta and test out products to ensure that you get the right shade and type for your skin.  These companies also have a 90% return policy, meaning that if you return a product that still has 90% remaining, you can get a full refund.  


Many people look at cute pictures of cats and dogs thinking that it would be fun to have a pet around the house.  However, they don’t understand the responsibility required to have a pet. For example, having a dog can be like having a small child on the loose in your house. Dogs can tear up furniture, eat shoes, and defecate inside your house.   Before you purchase an animal, try pet sitting for a few days first.  You can also volunteer at an animal shelter for a few weeks to see if owning a pet is right for you.  


Clothes fit a one-size-fits-none sizing guide.  You may be a size 8 in one brand but a size 16 in another.  It is important to try on clothes and shoes before you buy them.  There are even some online services that you can use to try clothes for a month before you purchase them.  Examples include Trunk Club, Bombfell, Le Tote, and Front Door Fashion.  Try.com is another site that lets you try clothes for seven days, but unlike the other subscription services, this one does not host its own inventory, rather, allows you to try clothes from third party sites.  


You should never blindly buy perfume without smelling it first.  While you can get a good whiff of the perfume by spraying it in the air, it is better to test it on your skin.  Your body chemistry will react slightly differently to each perfume, so it’s a good idea to test it with your chemistry.  Don’t overtest as you can end up with a perfume you don’t like because it was mixed with other smells.  Don’t be afraid to walk away from the perfume counter and see if the perfume lasts all day and come back and buy a scent the next day.  


Washers, dryers and other appliances are significant purchases, so it is important to give them a spin before you buy them.  Some retailers, like Pirch will let you test dishwashers, fridges and washing machines before you buy them, and others have 90 day return policies that will let you return a product if you are dissatisfied with it.

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