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I love all things Christmas!  I love Santa and reindeer, presents and caroling!  Although, as I asked my 4 year old this week why we celebrate Christmas, he said, “A’cuz Santa comes and brings me toys!”

Ugh.  Mommy Fail.

It’s no wonder why.  Everything on TV and even all of my decorations are trees and reindeer, Santa and elves!  So I wanted to figure out a better way to display the True Meaning of Christmas and in a way even a toddler can understand and still think is fun!


I love all of the countdown to Christmas calendars with their prizes inside, so this is a little spin off that.


Remember the Reason for the Season

Inside of each ornament, we slipped a little piece of paper with a service idea that my 4 year old came up with.  So each day as we count down to Christmas, he can pull out a piece of paper and complete the service he came up with.  All the while, remembering that as we serve others, we are giving to Christ.  I love this way of celebrating His birth!

In keeping up with the theme, I also printed Christ-centered images to go along with this display.


If you would like to recreate this for your home, here are the deets:

White ornate frames: Hobby Lobby


Laminated burlap (to go through the printer)


Miniature wooden clips

Hot glue gun

Thin double sided tape

Holiday scrapbook paper with buttons, stickers and other embellishments: Fancy Pants Designs

I have to admit, crafting sometimes scares me! Especially with the advent of Pinterest, I always feel inadequate.  So, believe me when I say, if I can do this, ANYONE can!!

I first simply stretched the burlap over the frame mat and secured it with hot glue.  And guess what? It’s totally okay if it isn’t perfect; that’s the beauty of burlap; it looks great even a little messy.


I then hot glued 5 strands of the twine around the back of the mat, evenly spacing each.

Then, using the Fancy Pants paper, I used a 2.5 in circle guide and cut out 50 circles.

Cut off the top 1/3rd of half your 2.5 in cirlces (making semi-circles) to use as the front of your ornament for the pockets. (I didn’t make a pocket for Christmas day; just used a sparkly gold paper.)

Take your thin double-sided tape and go around the outer edge of your semi-circles.  *Note: DO NOT tape across the top. Press onto coordinating full circle.


Then decorate your ornaments to your heart’s content!  I used more of the burlap and printed the numbers to keep up with the burlap theme.

Sit down with your kiddos and write on little pieces of paper what they’d like to give to Christ.  Ideas we came up with for my 4 year old include;

Read to the babies, Call grandma, Put away daddy’s shoes, Color a picture of Jesus, Share your favorite toy with the babies, Write a letter to grandpa, etc.

The key is to let the kids decide what would be a good idea.  It would be very easy to add multiple slips of paper so each child has a gift to give to Christ each day.

Last, clip your darling ornaments onto the twine with the miniature wooden clips.




**For the adorable Gold Christmas tree tutorial and many more super easy Christmas craft ideas you can do with your family, click here or on the image below.



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