A weight loss update. The saga continues.

So a lot has happened in the few weeks since I last posted a weight loss update…I wish that included a massive weight loss, but it hasn’t.  In the 4(ish) weeks since I posted an update, I’ve only lost another 5 lbs…boo.  Admittedly, I sort of veered from the path a few days, so I’m back on the wagon again!  It’ s unbearably frustrating to work so hard to only lose 1 lb a week…but then, that’s still progress in the right direction.

So…the big MILLION dollar question is,

What Keeps YOU Motivated?

Never have truer words been said!

Today I recommitted myself…(like I’ve done a hundred times) and I will keep struggling and fighting to get fit and stay healthy!

I’d love it you would share what works for you?  Have a success story to share? Pray tell!!

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  • I’ve lost 26 pounds one week at a time. I started in January, went on a 15 day cruise in April, have summer-ed-it-up through June, July, and August, and am still here losing a bit a week every week. I HATE that the loss is slow, but PRAY that means it will stay off since that’s how it went on. I sometimes loathe having to say no to an old favorite food in exchange for a not-so-favorite one. I find three things have helped. 1) I made my husband take on this challenge with me. Even though it seems like the weight fell off of him much easier, he cheers me on, keeps me from myself, when necessary, and says no for me, when I can’t. 2) I was committed to thinning down… desperate even. I’d tried so many things that didn’t work, no matter how deeply they promised it and how many other people had it work for them. 3) I had to give up things, like fats, butter, red meat (not entirely, but mostly). I had to keep track of what I ate. I had to be honest with that. All that has helped me drop 26 pounds, with another 10-20 to go. The result is I feel great, I sleep better, and I like myself again. Those are all pretty big rewards for the big effort I’ve put in.ReplyCancel


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