25 Tools for Creative Art Projects

There are so many great tools your kids can use for creative art projects. Here’s a list of twenty five tools that will create some fantastic works of art!

Creative Art Projects for Kids

This roundup is part of our Summer Learning Series for creating art projects with tools. If you are new to that term summer learning series, let me explain what that means. I have a background in education and I’ve created a group of posts with topics that are meant to encourage learning while having fun and playing to get you through the summer. But really they are fun to do any time of the year.

Your kids probably have used paintbrushes, markers, stamps or stencils and we all know those are great! Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and use materials you wouldn’t ever think of for an art project.

This is just a small sampling of the not-so-typical tools to use. I’m sure you can find something fun right in your own home. Be creative and have fun!

25 Tools for Creative Art Projects

bubble wrap stamps
recycled art toilet paper roll stamps
shaving cream marbling
diy paintbrushes
Natural Paintbrushes
Catapult Painting
Celery Flower Stamping
car painting
feather painting
compass painting
Throwing ribbon painting
fork sunflower painting
dish brush dandelions painting
toilet paper roll snake
Coffee Filter and Marker Monsters
cardboard robot
melted marshmallow paint
Bubble Art
Mud paint
Soap Foam Painting
popsicle sticks sculpture
foil and glue art
wooden block prints
pouf apple tree
Quick Sand Paint
  • Art is fun, but it’s also messy. Don’t forget the smock!
easy no sew art smock for kids

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