Time Well Spent

Whoa! Here we are and the day is almost over and I’ve nearly forgotten to post!  One of my cute sisters is here on a surprise visit, thanks to my sweet brother and his wife and my parents.  It’s been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and I’ve been devouring every minute of it.

I’ve been living away from family for far too long and it’s sad how easy it was to take them for granted.  I don’t believe my family is much different than anyone else’s; we are definitely involved in our fair share of drama.  And yes, I mean WE! We ALL participate.  But it doesn’t really matter, we all care enough to show up and create the drama and stick around long enough to fix it…at least eventually. 🙂

Since the arrival of the twins, sleep has been a non-existent concept in our household…along with cleaning and sanity in general!  So my sister came to help out and give us a break, which she certainly has!  Although, admittedly, the sleep part is still non-existent since we just stay up chatting and giggling all night.  It’s so funny, I have a million facebook “friends” , but the only ones who truly care, and I care about are mostly just my family…it’s taken me a long time to come to realize just how important they are.  And the “friends” you think will be there for you forever, just…fade away.  And maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But your family is always there, ready to do the dirty work, even when you’re too embarrassed to let them in to see and they love you anyway.

So go kiss your babies, and give your mom a call tonight you naughty little things!!

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