10 Situations in life where less is really more

Decisions. You have to choose.


You have likely heard the phrase “less is more” and sometimes in our busy, bright, glittery world that can seem like a false statement. After all, are we not supposed to have as many degrees as we can get, the biggest house, the coolest car, and the newest gadgets on the market? While all of these items are fun to have they really are not requirements for happiness or success.


Here are a few important ways that less can be more in the grand scheme of life:


Technology: Our world is so overrun with technology and often we lose those personal interactions we used to have. Shoot for more time connecting with the world around us and developing relationships or pursuing talents. Face to face conversations and spending time in nature are just two great ways to do this.


Activities: It is easy to get busy and devote our attention to many activities, often overwhelming ourselves. As mentioned here, as we strive to limit our activities, we can devote more time to giving our full efforts to the things that are most important to us. We will also feel less strung out and better appreciate those things in which we do participate.


Processed Food, Sugar, and Fat: Instead of greasy, heavy, or generally unhealthy foods, look for more whole foods that are higher in nutrition and lower in calories. This will contribute to better health, giving you the body you need to do those things that are important to you.


Soda and Energy Drinks: There are perks to drinking more water and less of the sugary or caffeinated drinks. A clearer mind, more energy, better digestion, healthier skin, and improved immune system are only some of the benefits you can experience by drinking fewer sodas and energy drinks.


Self-Deprecation: It can be easy to get down on ourselves, but this line of thinking can be detrimental to accomplishing our goals and having a fulfilling life. Instead, strive to develop more confidence and a higher sense of self-worth. This can be accomplished through expressing more gratitude and if something needs to change, taking those steps to improve your life.


Comparisons: Social media makes comparing our lives to the filtered version of someone else’s life too easy. However, we should have more appreciation for what we have, our own talents, and path in life. Remember, nobody’s life is as perfect as they portray it to be on social media.


Packing: Traveling is one of life’s joys for many people, so for a better traveling experience, learn to take less with you. Lay out everything you are going to take and put away half of the clothing. Take twice as much money instead.


Liabilities: Liabilities are obligations, debts, or anything that costs more to you than it is worth. This can be literal debt, such as student loans, or something that takes away value from you or your life, such as a toxic relationship or environment. Look for ways to remove liabilities and improve the quality of your life.


Choices: It has been proven that fewer options lead to more satisfaction with any decision made. More choices equal more effort, more time, and can cause anxiety, regret, excessively high expectations, and self-blame. Whether it is items on a menu at a restaurant, or narrowing down what college you should go to, the fewer the options you have, the better.


Stuff: We tend to have much more than we actually need as extra items take up our storage rooms, garages, pile on our counters, and clothes we do not wear fill up our closets. Take some time to declutter your house and rid yourself of the things you do not require to be happy. You may even be able to donate some of it to organizations that can help provide to those who are in need of something you are not using.
Less really can be more. It may just be a change in attitude or it might require a physical change of self, location, or material possessions, but in finding ways to reduce the things that drag you down, you will find a better way of life.

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