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Camille Walker

 I grew up in Utah and am the youngest of five children. My sister Janae, is the oldest and we have three brothers sandwiched in between. I am an Aquarius, a yellow-blue, a party planner, a wife, and a Mother. I love to zumba (its the only way I find an avenue to dance these days), sing, hike, snowboard, read, wakeboard, decorate, craft, re-purpose, flee market shop, meet new people, and write. I am a nerd. I loved school, I still enjoy learning and trying new things. I love to organize and try to make a space work more efficiently. I graduated with a degree in Family Consumer Science Education; which covers so many of interests: nutrition, relationships, interior design, child development, and finance. After student teaching I never officially taught in the classroom but continued with my job in the mortgage business as a mortgage broker until I became a stay at home mom.  My husband Paul and I are college sweethearts (go Aggies!) We started as friends who met in a humanities class and went out on our first date as just that. No expectations. We had so much fun together we fell in love quickly and quite by accident. He is the best thing that has happened to me that I never saw coming. We have been married for nine years.

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We have three children; Jackson is a very energetic 5 year old that loves LEGOS, soccer, making new friends and playing pretend. Jackson is quite the jokester and an incredibly picky eater and he brings entertainment with him where ever he goes. Jayne is extremely girly and loves to wear pink clothing, she is particularly happy if she is wearing something that has Minnie Mouse on it. She is affectionate and loves to snuggle but she also is very determined and aware of what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know it.  Our latest addition is Jett who was born in November of 2013. He is a sweet babe and has kept me sane in moments when the older two are driving me crazy! I love being a Mom and affectionately call my children “my little squirrels”. As I’ve been contemplating how to describe/introduce myself, I asked my son what he thought my “work is”. He said that I’m in charge of: cleaning the house, chasing the little squirrels, and watching over the money. I had to laugh because that is a pretty good sum of it although my husband disagrees with the last part. You see, he is an accountant, and truly he is the one that watches over the money, but I am probably the one that is spending most of it! I do try to shop smart  and definitely consider myself a “bargain hunter.” I promise to bring you some tips and tricks along the way as I decorate, share recipes, craft, and dress the family. Thanks for stopping by!

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