Poop Party

I bet you had to do a double take when you saw the title as “Poop Party,” but you read it right! You may ask yourself who would ever throw a Poop Party? So here is where I step in. It is someone who is desperate at trying to motivate a certain 3.5 year old to go poop in the potty. For a year now my son Ashton has been able to go #1 just fine, but after EVERY bribe imaginable, and I literally mean EVERY bribe nothing worked. One day I jokingly suggested if he completes his potty chart his reward can be a Poop Party with candles. From that day on he didn’t have one accident.

I want to share with you the party I threw for my son to help any of you who may also be desperate enough… I mean interested enough, to use this idea. I will break it down and include a printable and recipe to make it as easy and painless as possible since we already know you have been through a lot if you are at this point in the potty training stage 🙂




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Toilet Seat: I purchased my seat at my local Home depot for only 6 dollars. It is great to also have if you are ever throwing a “white trash” party. I used it on top of a bowl and served bean dip out of. (so gross I know) If you’d prefer not to go into the store you can easily snag a toilet seat from Amazon!

Toilet Paper: Perfect to string around as streamers, bowling, and for my party I had them tear it up and toss in air like confetti


Chocolate cake

chocolate pudding

poop fudge

toilet seat

Chocolate Hersey kisses

Chocolate poop emoji cupcakes: I used chocolate frosting and piped it with a large opening frosting tip. I then added candy eyes a white chocolate candy melts in half for the mouth piece. You can buy the candy eyes HERE and the Chocolate Melts HERE.


potty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlers

potty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlers


Poop Fudge:  I have attached the recipe below. The kids LOVED making this and although it looks gross, it actually taste really good.

Toilet paper bowling:  You need six rolls of toilet paper and one heavier ball for them to be able to knock down the toilet paper. The kids at the party loved this easy game.

Pin the Poop in the Potty: You need one poop emoji for each kid, blind fold, and a toilet out of paper. I used butcher paper but any paper big enough would work.

Pass the Poop: You need a brown beanbag. I made mine with left over fabric and rice. I didn’t take the time to sew it nicely because remember its suppose to resemble poop. 😉

Poop Toss: Using that same beanbag you can use the same toilet seat you used for decoration and have the kids toss the poop in the toilet.

Potty Dance: I turned on some “potty” music from Daniel the Tiger and had the kids all dance like they have to go potty. This was my highlight because the kids all came up wiht some funny ideas.


potty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlers




potty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlerspotty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlers


potty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlerspotty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlers

Party Favor:

For the Party favors, I quickly made a cute printable that said, “Thanks for ‘dropping’ by…” and attached it to some chocolate covered raisins. However, I now made an even better one to share with you. You can access the free Printable by clicking HERE)


potty training, poop party, poop, potty training toddlers

For the Cake: I made a small 8 inch cake and frosted it with nutella because thats what I had, but chocolate frosting will be great. I then used the same recipe for poop fudge but trippled it and molded it into the masterpiece you see below! haha.  Don’t forget the two candles for going #2. He demanded we sing to him and I franticly tried to think of something since it isn’t his birthday. I came up with the “every party needs a pooper so thats why we celebrate you, Party pooper, party pooper.” then everyone yelled YEAH ASHTON!!!  and with delight he blew out his candles.

By Bridget Parry


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Poop Fudge

Course treat
Servings 1 serving
Author Bridget


  • 10 Hersey kisses
  • 1/4 cup mini marshmallows


  1. Heat Hersey Kisses until almost melted in a medium size microwave safe bowl
  2. Add Mini Marshmallows
  3. Melt for another 15-30 seconds. Marshmallows will rise so make sure to keep an eye on it
  4. Then stir until mixed together and mold with your hands.

Bridget Parry is a Utah native now making her home in sunny California with her husband and three darling boys! She loves to plan and host well thought out parties, share creative ideas and will be sharing more with us here on My Mommy Style! We are so excited to have her and the fun that she brings!