Nutritious, Balanced Snacks For a Busy Life

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Balance. All opinions are my own.

Eating nutritious, balanced snacks can be a struggle as a busy mom. It seems like more than half of the time I am worried about what my children are eating and drinking and often forget about myself and fueling my body.


According to WebMD “If you start off your day with breakfast, and then continue eating every 3 to 4 hours, you’ll provide your body and brain with a steady stream of nutrients so you don’t go overboard at mealtime.”

Mindful eating is so much easier to do when you have snacks that will give you the balance of nutrition you need to avoid those dips and sustain your energy until your next meal.

Here is a list of my favorite go-to snacks that are balanced with complex carbohydrates and protein so I can avoid the cookie when I feel my body start to crash, which is typically every day right around 3:00 pm!

Hard boiled eggs. These little guys pack just the right punch of protein and really help you go feel full. After two hard boiled eggs and a big glass of water I always feel so much better.

Greek yogurt and granola. Raspberry Greek yogurt with protein granola is a favorite in my house. The kids love it because it tastes like ice cream and it is the perfect late night snack if you have a sweet tooth. This also is full of amazing nutrients, protein and good ol’ vitamin D. Your biggest problem might be keeping it stocked in the house because it goes so fast!

Deli meat wrapped in lettuce. I love to buy fresh smoked meat from the deli. Sometimes I will do different flavors of turkey and ham but my favorite is mesquite smoked turkey. Roll up a few pieces with a large romaine lettuce leaf and you are good to go! If I’m at home I’ll add a squirt of mustard to give it a little extra flavor.

Balance bars. Balance bars are specifically designed to do just that, give you an ideal balance of what your body needs for sustained energy.

My favorite is the Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch bars and the new Duo-licious Peanut Caramel Peanut Nougat. Slip a few of these bars in your car or purse when you need a nutritious snack to sustain you through your day! I also like to eat them before an early morning workout to have something on my tummy that isn’t too heavy but will give me the energy I need.
Cottage cheese & apples. This is something that I tried as a kid when I was at a friends house and have loved ever since. I was super skeptical about mixing the two, I don’t think we even kept cottage cheese in the house! I now LOVE turning to cottage cheese as a protein source because of how easy it is to mix with a fruit or vegetable or even top your salad with in lieu of salad dressing.

Almonds. Nuts of any kind are a great go-to snack but almonds in any variety are my favorite. This is one snack I like to buy in small portions that I can keep in my purse when it’s been a little too long between meals and it is mess free.

Nut butter with apples. This snack is a little harder to travel with but if you cut up the apples ahead of time and buy small peanut or nut butter to go packs you are good to go. Again the salty and sweet mix just really hits the spot.

String cheese & orange. You could grab any fruit/veggie combo with string cheese and have a nutrient dense snack.

Hummus & cucumber. Delicious. I am partial to English cucumbers as you can leave the skin on and not have a bitter taste. I also love garlic hummus or sun dried tomato hummus.

Tomato, cottage cheese, avocado & cucumber. This combo is a little harder to travel with, but if you prepare this ahead of time it would be a delicious lunch or snack on the go kept in a refrigerator. It has crunchy and savory in all the right places and if you are looking for something a little spicier I love to add organic salsa to the mix. Trust me, it is gold and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Guacamole and pita chips. Guacamole packs on the go are a yummy way to add healthy fats and vitamins into your diet. Use this to dip veggies, chips, or whole wheat crackers and you’re good to go.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Nature’s Bounty Company. The opinions and text are all mine.