DIY Personalized Photo Tray

This DIY Personalized Photo Tray is so easy to make and brings such a fun wow factor! Make one for yourself or make one to give as a gift!

This year I wanted to do something extra special for my mom and dad for Valentine’s Day because they are going to be gone for over a month and we will not see them for more than 5 weeks because we are going out of town before they leave. We have a condo that has been in our family in Mexico for over 50 years and my grandma used to go there every winter. Now that my parents are retired (both public school educators) they are enjoying their much deserved time off and are enjoying their own time in Mexico now.

This means that we do not get to see them for a while and that makes us kind of sad! I decided a personalized gift was the way to go. This tray can be used to hold make up, jewelry, toiletries, or simply look beautiful with a small plants, remotes, or used as a decoration. We don’t want them to forget their cute grandkids while enjoying the beautiful weather.



  1. Photoshop Elements 15

  2. Clear acrylic tray

  3. Matte medium

  4. Gloss varnish

  5. Paint brush

  6. Scissors

  7. Sponge

  8. Squeegee