The best things to do in Gulf County, Florida


The best things to do in Gulf County Florida with a family
I am a huge Miami Dolphins fan. My oldest brother was the first to become a fan and then we all sort of followed him because he was the cool one. I’m from Utah, so I didn’t live anywhere near Miami, but we were still fans through and through. Because of this we chose Florida as a vacation spot quite regularly growing up and some of my favorite memories are from those vacations. We have spent time all over the state. I’ve been to Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and everywhere in between.

After learning about Gulf County, Florida I want to go there too! My family loves vacations full of nature-based adventure and that’s exactly what you’ll find there.

Gulf County is made up of 244 miles of coastline along and around the Florida panhandle. Because of where it is located geographically it is surrounded by water of all kinds that are easy to access. The Gulf of Mexico, saltwater St. Joseph Bay, Indian Pass Lagoon, the Gulf County Canal, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Apalachicola Bay and river basin and the freshwater of the Dead Lakes and Chipola River are all connected. Because of this, access to kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, and boating is no more than 15 minutes away at any given point in the area.

There is also hiking and biking trails, bird watching, horse back riding and camping. There are so many fun adventures waiting for you and your family. 26005515262_3dd5edfa00_zThe prime season in Gulf County continues after summer from September through May. Our winters are super long here in Alaska so it would be nice to break up the bitter cold and darkness with a vacation to Gulf County for sunshine and white sandy beaches.

The Gulf County concierge program & Adventure Guide will help you plan your adventure and easily get you exactly where you want to be. There are so many awesome things to do in Gulf County and they will help answer any questions you may have so you can plan the perfect adventurous getaway for your family.

Check out this Adventure Guide to find out everything Gulf County has to offer. These are a few of the things I know my family would love:


Gulf County is surrounded by beautiful water and wildlife. Explore the beauty around you and discover a whole new world. 26820049822_972f39c415_z


My kids love the beach so I know they would love to spend a lot of time there. One of their favorite things to do is look for treasures and shells and Gulf County does not disappoint with the vast variety of shells you can find. You will not leave empty handed. 26820013442_b29632a905_z

Shark Fishing

There is fishing of all kinds in Gulf County, but shark fishing is perfect if you have younger kids because it is a three hour trip rather than all day. The fishing is all catch and release and you’re catching SHARKS! How cool is that!? fishing