50 easy DIY projects made from items in your recycling bin


50 easy diy projects

We have been talking all about recycling this week for our Summer Learning Series. We have shared art projects for kids using recycled materials, but now it’s time for the grown ups. Here is a round up of my favorite useful DIY projects using recycled materials.

I just moved to Alaska and one of the things I miss from my old home is a recycling center. We don’t have them here where I am living and I feel bad every time I toss a plastic container or cereal box in the trash. Those are things I would have recycled without thinking about it before. I love all of these ideas for reusing old items to make something useful. There are so many more ideas out there too! Of course, you can’t hold onto every plastic container or tin can from your home, so if you have the resources nearby, please consider recycling!



Instead of throwing out a stained shirt turn it into an art smock.

easy no sew art smock for kids




Plastic Lid Popsicle Holders from A Spotted Pony

recycled lids





Plastic Jar Birdhouse from Runner Duck






Yogurt Paint Cups from The Vintage Mom recycled yogurt cups




Pretty Bathroom Jars from Eighteen 25

recylced pretty bathroom jars




Craft Jars from Craft and Creativity

recycled craft jars




No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag from Mommypotamus

recycled shirt





Tin Can Cutlery Holder from Home-Dzine

recycled can cutlery holder




Soda Box Pencil Cases from The Creative Itch Boutique

recycled pencil case




Baby Wipes Holder First Aid Kit from Disney Baby

recycled wipe box to first aid kit




Art Supplies Containers from Sweet Shoppe Designs

recycled wipe storage boxe




Baby Jar Spice Containers from Money Saving Mom
recycle baby jars




Play Cards Storage Boxes from Jazzie and Tahlia

recycle baby wipes containers for games





Cereal Box Desk Organizer from Top Inspired
recycled desk organizer





Bottle Cap Magnets from Life Hack

recycle bottle caps




Tuna Can Planter from Life Hack

recycled can planter




Lotion Bottle Cell Phone Holder from Make It – Love It
recycled cell phone holder




Upcycled Diaper Box from Designs By MKE

recycled diaper box




Beautiful Tin Can Centerpiece from By Stephanie Lynn

recycled can centerpiece





Milk Jug Scoop from Recycle Eh

recycled milk jug scoop






Cool Way To Keep a Bag Closed from Buzzfeed

recycled bottle top





Coke Bottles from Naunnaarpoq
recycled coke bottles





Cereal Box Notebooks from Creme De La Craft
recycled cereal boxes





Cereal Box Drawer Dividers from I Heart Organizing





Milk Jug Votives from Bliss Bloom Blog

recycled milk jug votives




Halloween Skeleton Decoration from Make Zine

recycled skeleton




Milk Jug Piggy Bank from Club House Magazine
recycled piggy bank





Soda Bottle and CDs from Love This Pic

recycled vases




Mason Jar Dispenser from One Good Thing by Jillee
recycled lid




Soda Can Lantern from Morusan

recycled pepsi can lantern




Honey Bear Vases from A Beautiful Mess
recycled honey bear




Painted Berry Baskets from Lovely Indeed

recycled berry baskets




Paper Towel Roll Jewelry Holder from Blah to Tada

recycled paper towel tubes




Plastic Bottle Zipper Container from Pop Sugar

recycled plastic bottle zipper case




Tin Can Pencil Holder from View From The Fridge

recycled gold desk organizer




Soda Lid Lip Balm Container from Guide Central

recycled lid to lip balm




Berry Container Gift Box from Pinterest

recycled berry container gift box




Berry Container Ribbon Storage from Organized 31

recycled berry container




Car Trash Can from Calico and Cupcakes

recycled car garbage can




Yogurt Container Popsicle Molds from This Old House

recycled popsicle molds



Yogurt Cup Funnel from This Old House

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 6.54.45 PM



Yogurt Cup Bracelets from Turning the Clock Back

recycle bracelets




Collection Jars from Thrifter In Disguise

recycle collection jars




Baby Food Containers turned into Single Serving Syrup Containers from Come Together Kids

recycle syrup





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