Sharks made out of envelopes

Does anyone else out there go crazy for shark week!? We do at our house! We watch entertaining and educational shark videos at night and during the day we have been making shark pictures and crafts. We even headed over to the library and checked out some fun shark books. This is a simple craft that takes just a few minutes to make. My boys loved it.

All you need is an envelope, crayons, scissors, glue, googly eye, and a little bit of yarn.


Start by having your child color the envelope (front and back) whatever color they want.


Follow the lines of the envelope and cut out a triangle on the side. Glue it to the top to make the fin.


Cut small triangles out of white card stock or construction paper and glue them in the mouth for the teeth.


Add a dot of glue and press the googly eye in to place.


Make three lines of glue on the side of the shark and add little pieces of yarn for the gills.


All done!


The coolest part is the shark can open its mouth. My boys colored and cut out little fish for the shark to eat. Have fun!!


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